Smarkus Solutions, Brand Management Kerala


Greater customer value, Team value & Personal skills

The backbone of any growing company is its people and their ability to move up or in the organization. Our tailor made interactive sessions such as business etiquette, communication skills, cross-cultural communication, customer service, supervision, time management, leadership, negotiation, and presentation skills help to build your business and develop your employees.

We develop programs based on experiences and best practices with highly successful companies in the region. Each training session provides specific concepts, processes, and tools which are meaningful, and with direct performance and financial results. The specifically designed sessions are filled with robust ideas and processes you can incorporate into your business. Every session will be centered on delivering greater customer value, team values, and personal skills.

Medico-Marketing Briefs

In today’s pharmaceutical business environment we suggest only customized objective based trainings that are motivating. We are capable of giving must require training ranging from 1 day to 30 days.

Expert in Pharmacology, Personality development, Effective Communication, In-clinic performance, Product briefings, Market Intelligence and more. We teach less, let the team implement more!

Managers Development Program – Empowers the employees

Experience helps to know the job and our Manager’s development program helps to create leaders in the group.

Managers are responsible for leading the administrative unit, crafting strategy, motivate staff, and allocate financial resources, implement the vision of senior leadership and mobilize support for broader institutional goals. A successful manager must be adept at managing both “up” and “down” the institutional hierarchy.

The real-world case studies, small group discussions, and interactive presentations in our program help the managers to think beyond their own administrative area, incorporate broader strategic considerations and support larger institutional objectives.

Think more strategically, balance competing demands, and engage in more forward- thinking leadership.

Social Awareness – Ensures employees health

We help to understand the social world in which we live and equip the team with a means of better understanding on issues we face on everyday life. The knowledge gained from healthcare industry helped us to design standalone programs and educational materials on Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug abuse and Work life balance.

The most valuable asset for any organization is their employees!