Smarkus Solutions, Brand Management Kerala



We are an independent branding solution provider devoted to brand management for organisations at the highest strategic level. We are focused on creating sustainable brands that are the most valuable strategic business assets.

Together with our network of leading strategic thinkers, we deliver the combined value of experienced international business professionals and senior advisors to corporate brands and marketing executives of the region’s leading organisations, listed companies, corporations, start-ups, and non-profit organisations.


To create brand strategies by understanding market challenges, identifying opportunities, generate original concepts and take appropriate action to build customer relationship and propel business objectives.


To be a true business partner by delivering innovative strategies through brand management techniques that achieves business objectives by creating sustainable brands.


We empower our customers to create sustainable brands that are the most valuable strategic business assets through an established process

Market Research

Data mining, Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation

Business Strategy

Market entry, Development, Consolidation and Exist

Creative Designing

Conceptulization, Visualization, Infographics

Digital Marketing

SEO, Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile, Email, Social Media, Referral, TV, Radio, Multiplex, Analytics

Marketing Collaterals

E-Commerce, Print, Digital, Reinforcers, Reminders


Mentoring, Product, Awareness, Motivational

Brand Management

Identity, Positioning, Market share, Profitability, Life cycle, Campaigns, Loyalty programs, New product development

Content Creation

Brochure, Literatures, Leaflet, Posters, Technical write-ups, Newsletter, Scientific articles, Corporate / product / motivational presentations, Website, Blog, Social media


We create brands by distilling the active principles of the product followed by creating the core elements of business strategy, nomenclature, visual character and message


A comprehensive market research of the targeted industry with focus on your business, brand and customers help us to create a sustainable business strategy


We learn about the organizational vision, objectives, focus, dreams and so on to create solutions that can make dreams into realty


We visualize the brand benefits through various means, that communicate the brand value among the targeted audience


We present the innovatively branded business to shareholders, employees and to customers globally on need basis with specified objectives and results


Incorporation of centralized tracking of all cost coupled with realistic measurable targets, independent accountability, and adaptability backed by practical and technical knowledge ensures targeted result

Analysis & Optimization

The time specific analysis of identified parameters created before the implementation will give us a chance to optimize what we not achieved and make necessary amendments to achieve the desired end results