Smarkus Solutions, Brand Management Kerala


Business Development Delivers Business Growth

Business development is an essential part of any company’s growth strategy. Our process is effective for developing all types of business, and delivers business growth via: New products / services to existing customers, Existing products / services to new customers, New products / services to new customers.

Our business development process is based on the strategy, evaluation and execution. We adhere to pre-defined, agreed timelines and proper management of the appropriate sequence of activities are key success factors. We provide a well-planned, structured goal orientated process, involving specialist expertise as necessary and work in close collaboration with our clients.

Brand Intelligence – Competitive advantage

The business intelligence allows the easy interpretation of data and identifies new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights. This can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. Data mining, Process mining, Business performance management, Predictive analysis, Prescriptive analytics assures market advantage for your brands.

Market Entry – We help your business expansion

The innovative strategy for delivering goods or services to a new market determines the success. The planning, barriers to entry, costs of marketing, sales and delivery are the pillars for success. An idea of expected outcome will be an added advantage. We are the catalyst for expanding your business into new markets. Catalyst for New product launches, Direct exports, Indirect exports, Partnership and alliances, Agents and representatives, Trading houses.

Market Development – We help your business expansion

Market development helps the expansion of the total market for a product or company by entering new segments of the market, converting nonusers into users and increasing usage per user. Our road map for the expansion process will help the business to sort through various options when looking at expansion and set realistic targets for growth.

Geographical expansion, New target customers, Niche and Potential markets, Increasing promotions, Monitoring success, delivering the right products or services at the right cost with strong marketing support ensure optimal market share.

Resource Allocation – Optimize the profits

Television spots, word-of-mouth, viral ads, print ads and the list continues, marketing managers have more options at their disposal than ever before, But how to decide? We offer a way for managers to conceptualize the most effective approach by conducting demand analysis to predict how different marketing actions will affect consumer behaviour, and using the economic-impact analysis to determine the best for the firm. We direct you to spend the resources on customers when it makes a difference in how they behave!

Investor Search – For business expansion

When you’re in search of financing, an idea of an angel investor can seem nothing short of enchanting. But where do you find an angel?  We help you in Identifying the angel investors, Business plan preparation and assessment, Investors meet, Exit plan. We help the promising start-ups to collaborate with the venture capitalist.

Product Innovation – Change is inevitable

The global truth change is inevitable and when we are resistant to change the environment will change us. Few of the product innovation include product invention, technical specification, quality improvements made to a product, inclusion of new components, materials or desirable functions into an existing product. Product innovations need to be Desirable to users, Possible with the technology or resources and Viable in the market place. We help to redesign the goods or services.