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We are inspired by the country Lithuania, the geographical centre of Europe and an active business partner within the region

More than 90% of Lithuanians speak at least one foreign language (English, Russian or Polish) well above the EU average of 54%. Lithuanians are among the most tech savvy and connected people worldwide.

In 2012, the country had four million mobile phone subscribers, which is one million more than the total population. More than 90 per cent of all financial operations are performed via E-Banking, since Lithuania was the first EU country to implement mobile signature solutions for online banking.

Lithuania is the home to world leaders in life-science and is one of the fastest growing life sciences industries in the world with an annual growth average of 22% for last 10 years. In Lithuanian Smarkus means SMART. The company logo communicates the complimenting nature to complete the incomplete in brand management.


GENESH KURIAKOSE, smarkus solutions


Genesh Kuriakose brings over a decade of brand management and business development experience to Smarkus Solutions. During his assignments from an executive to strategic decision maker he oversaw the business opportunities and gave the brand direction for the engaged organizations.

As a strategic marketing professional at organization of repute, he established global and Indian business where he oversaw brand direction, set policies, characters, new brand initiatives, training and engaged strategy work across organizations.

The expertise of strategic planning, leadership and management is consumed as an adviser for the various business models for SME, Start-ups, Non-profits and Fortune companies. He created vision for new product business, strategic model for CSR, brand strategy, marketing strategy, product development, implementation, communication, umbrella brand strategy, revitalized brand identity, websites, new marketing strategies and refreshed approach to social media.

The reasons for his success is the influence of his mentors that include Porus Antia, Subbarao, Rekha Pragath, C.J. George and many more.

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The man who transformed the pharmaceutical product management in India, author of Handbook of Pharmaceutical Marketing in India

smarkus solutions, PORUS ANTIA

A committed trainer who transformed the career of many in the Indian pharmaceutical industry

smarkus solutions, REKHA PRAGATH

A devotee of brand management, many brands of reckon had the touch of her hands

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Midhun Kuruvilla Kurien  is an experienced, resourceful and effective entrepreneur with proven efficiency in all aspects of construction, realty, finance and hospitality. He is known as a creative implementer with expert ability to combine business strategies, motivation and growth drivers to achieve optimal business success. He is one of the top executive who regularly exceeds customer expectation by building relationship and attention to detail.

“As I’m growing up I’m getting wiser and I’m letting people do what they do really well,” he says. According to him he has a team of talented people and his organization recognize where their talent lies. According to him most entrepreneurs think they can do everything but the fact is; entrepreneurs should be bringing vision and passion into their organizations, and taking hurtles out of the way for the people that are much better at delivering the vision than they are.

He adds that the best quality of an entrepreneurial leader is the ability “to champion people to a cause, get them committed to a purpose, and then be able to stand out of the way while they deliver on that.”

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Customized brand management with consumer focus and product focus. Successful brand management is a complex, long-term process undertaking with focus


We have only two types of brands – customer focused and product focused. All branded companies supposed to be focused on the both consumer and the product, but what matters here is; what the brand is centered around, and how it intends to grow.


For customer focused brands we identify a key type of user and do branding in such a way that the product meets the user’s needs.


In case of a product-focused brand we identify key problem and then delivers the solution to any type of user that encounters the identified key problem.